About Licensing services

Inspector of factories

The Factories Act 1948, an Act of Parliament, was enacted with the prime object of
protecting workmen employed in factories against industrial and occupational hazards, and,
with that intent it imposes on the owners and occupiers certain obligations to protect the
workers and give them safe working conditions. The object of the Act was to protect
human beings from being subject to unduly long hours of body strain and manuaflabour. It
provides that employees should work in healthy and sanitary conditions and that precaution
should be taken for their safety and for prevention of accidents (Commercial Law
Publications, 1998).

Fire Licencing


The issue and renewal of fire license across India are governed and regulated by the State Governments. Hence, the process and procedure for obtaining fire license vary from state to state. In Tamilnadu, a fire license is mandatorily required for various types of businesses mentioned in the Tamilnadu Fire Service Rules. In addition to the mandatory requirement, a fire license would also be required while obtaining Building Plan Approval from the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) for multistoried buildings.

Labour Licencing

The Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, has been enacted by the Indian Legislature from the year 1970. The act intends to prohibit the employment of contract labour in certain circumstances and to regulate the working conditions of contract labour during employment.